ICO = Initial Coin Offering

What are ICO`s?

Basically it means that a company issues tokens(coins) which you can purchase by doing an ICO.

Most of the time there are Private Sales and Presales before the main, public ICO.

What the company does is to raise money for their project. With the ICO they raise this money through investors. The investors get tokens in return and if the project is a good one, it can make them a lot of money(by selling their tokens later on on an exchange for a higher price).


What You Need To Know About ICO`s:

The thing with ICO`s is that it gets harder and harder for the “average Joe” to get into the realyl good ones.

Some of the very good ICO`s sold out in the Private Sales or Presales. People who would love to contribute small amounts of money(a few ETH) are not even able to buy tokens, because the “whales”(people with a LOT of money) or even insitutional investors already bought all the tokens.

How to get around this problem:

a) Some ICO`s have set max caps which you can buy per person within the first couple of hours of the ICO. This makes sure, that everybody has the opportunity to purchase tokens. Only problem: caps are often really, really small(like 0,1 ETH…) and you can only buy a small amount of tokens

b) There are so called Syndicates or private groups out there(I happen to be part of a few ones) which pool the money and invest as one big “whale” Benefit: bigger discounts and all small investors get in in Pre-sale or Private Sale.



Unforutnately more and more scams flood the ICO market. And they are harder and harder to spot.

If you invest into an ICO you really need to know what to look for in those projects!

To learn about this topic you can either go to google and youtube and teach yourself or join a group or course where you learn it. Either way – make sure you do your due dilligence BEFORE you invest into anything.

I have personally watched countless hours of videos about the topic and still do so every single day to be up-to-date. And I am a member of a private group, where I learned even more about evaluating ICO projects properly.

If you want to learn more about this don`t hesitate to contact me on Facebook. Make sure to mention that you came from this site(I get so many messages that I can not hardly reply to all of them…)