Dascoin- What is it?

Dascoin is a cryptocurrency and many people say it is the contenter of Bitcoin in time.

But what makes it so special?

There are a number of things actually because it is not only a coin but much more:

  • Dascoin has the fastest Blockchain(private blockchain). Confirmed transactions take a max of 6 seconds! Bitcoin transactions, on the other hand, take a minimum of 10 minutes(up to many hours) per transaction! The blockchain is offered as a service to external parties as well.
  • Best smart contracts out there. Here I want to remind you of Ethereum – all they offer are smart contracts and this coin already reached a worth of over 100$ per coin as of the time of writing this post(April 2017). Quick upate: October 2017: 1 ETH = 308$9
  • DasPay – Dascoin is the first cryptocurrency to go mainstream. DasPay is a mobile payment solution, similar to apple pay or google pay. It comes with its own Debit Card. This makes it possible to be able to spend your Dascoins in over 60 million outlets worldwide(visa/MasterCard outlets). This is huge – Bitcoin is currently only accepted in 150.000  outlets worldwide…
  • 4 very transparent owners: John Pretto, Michael Mathias, Georg Sarcevich, Terry O`Hearn. They do weekly calls and webinars. Also on board is Blair Baker – the co-founder of FXCM. He is an expert with lots of connections in the financial markets.
  • Coin capped at 8.6 billion released over 12 years(Bitcoin 21 million – 16 million already released)
  • Mining uses Proof of Stake which uses less energy than Proof of Work(used by Bitcoin)


You can purchase Dascoin circles which will then be minted into Dascoins.

YOU CAN SET UP A FREE ACCOUNT HERE and check out the back office and make an informed decision.

Get in touch if you want to benefit from your free Facebook group. It is for members only and you will get daily updates and tips. Pm me on Facebook, if you want to get in or if you have any questions.

How many coins you get for your money changes all the time. The earlier you purchase, the more you get.


Benefits of Dascoin For You:

Spendability of Dascoin– finally a cryptocurrency which you can spend globally using a visa card

Immense growth potential – just read the above facts again 🙂

You are at the right place at the right time. No missing out like most of us did on Bitcoin – when a coin only cost under 1 Dollar and atm 1 Bitcoin is worth over 1600$(as of April 2017)

Quick upate: October 2017: 1 Bitcoin = 4338$


Update: October 2017

The internal DAS Exchanged has launced successfully an Dascoins can already be traded. The launch on external platforms is due on Q1 2018.