All Posts From Now On Will be Made On Steemit


What is Steemit?

Steemit is a new social platform powered by the cryptocurrency “Steem”


Steem can be bought, sold and traded on public exchanges and you can get $$ or Bitcoin for Steem if you wish so.

What is so special about the new platform:

Other than Facebook Steemit pays its users for sharing their valuable content.

Once you post something people can upvote(or downvote if the content is bad) you. For every upvote, you get credited with a certain amount of money in your account. But you also earn for commenting and resteeming(sharing) other`s content as well.

I think this is much fairer than Facebook who reaps all the profits and does not pay anything to its users. Remember: The worth of Facebook ONLY comes from the users, nothing else!!

There is a lot more to know about Steemit – check out my blog there – I resteemed a few great posts about how to use Steemit and how everything works.

You find me here:

Richard Trummer on Steemit 

I would love to connect with you there as well. Upvotes of my posts are very much appreciated(if you like them).

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